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Bridge supports Geneva event to promote the ban on Anti-Personnel Mines

We’re proud to be supporting the forthcoming event commemorating the 20th anniversary of the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention in Geneva.

The event is organised by GICHD (Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining) to help promote the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban convention, and the continuing work for the safe disposal of existing ones.

The purpose of the event is to keep the general public and diplomats aware of issues around the use of land mines and the actions being taken globally to limit the damage they cause. Having worked closely with clients in the high risk area of mine clearance, we are always keen to support events that help avoid unnecessary deaths and injuries.

It is essential that any organisation involved with land mines – even indirectly – works closely with other stakeholders to share knowledge and best practice. Our Chairman, Roger Potts recently met with Prince Harry at Kensington Palace to explain the important role that insurance plays in the global initiative against land mines. Without suitable insurance, mine clearance would almost certainly not go ahead.

The Geneva event runs from Monday 4th December for one week and consists of an eye-catching display with 5 large cubes, which will be lit up at night to attract visitors. The display will appear on a  on a public square in Geneva, before moving to the Place des Nations in front of the United Nations building in Geneva. At Place des Nations, the cubes will surround the distinctive ‘Broken Chair’ monument by Swiss artist Daniel Berset, which symbolises opposition to the use of land mines and cluster munitions. 

Jonathan Starkey, Head of our Specialist Risks division comments:

“The work we’ve done with our client, Mines Advisory Group is one of our flagship examples of how we’ve gone the extra mile to find the right insurance for a highly-specialised client. It’s very rewarding to be able to arrange insurance that allows such worthwhile work to continue, and we’re delighted to support GICHD in their initiative to build awareness of the risks that land mines still present.”

Understandably, land mine clearance is one of the most complex, high-risk activities we have been asked to arrange insurance for. The variety of risks present and the global nature of the problem combine to make the insurance buying process extremely challenging. However, without suitable insurance in place, it would not be possible to make such great strides in the safe, responsible disposal of mines. 

Liability insurance for land mine clearance is arranged by our Specialist Risks Division, which is based in our London office. The team also deals with other highly-specialised insurance arrangements for NGOs, specialist marine operations and post-conflict operations to name but a few. Many of those clients have come to them having already exhausted many other avenues in their search for insurance.

Thanks to our knowledge of the insurance market, and our international links through our partner organisation Brokerslink, we are able to work across international borders to find cover for even some of the most demanding occupations.

Contact us if you have a specialist insurance requirement and would like to speak to our Specialist Risks team.